Convention Dates: July 5th Eve. to July 7th midnight, 2012
Convention Webpage: 

Instructions for registration to attend the convention:

Please visit/complete all the sections of the registration page, namely, Registration fees, OSA Membership and fees, Buy FoodDonation/Sponsorship, and Souvenir etc. Once you have added all the appropriate items and quantities to the shopping cart, click ‘Google-checkout” button in the cart to make online payment. You will receive transaction confirmation by email from Google-checkout.

To register, you need your DOLA record ID which can be found as follows: (1) Go to .  (2) hit ‘search’ in bottom menu and search using your name or your spouse’s name, etc. and make sure you got your record, as multiple individuals may have the same name!  (If you do not have a DOLA database record already, please sign up at: which will assign you a DOLA record ID and you can then search as above.) DOLA database provides the OSA directory, so please help keep it up-to-date.